Redemption cards represent an unfortunate aspect of our business.

Various factors, such as player unavailability due to injuries or location changes, protracted contract negotiations, and issues like lost, damaged, or misplaced packages during transit, necessitate the use of redemption cards. Instead of excluding key players from the checklist in these situations, Wild Card opts to issue redemptions to ensure that the product checklist maintains our highest standards.

However, - in our opinion, Wild Card does it better. We put the actual card into the product with the missing autograph. This way you get an actual card.

Our program works in a way that you can send the card into our redemption center and we will apply the autograph and send the card back you. The card remains safe inside the Case you received it in.

It's easy to redeem, simply click on the "Redeem Auto" link below and fill out the form.  It's free to redeem.

Any questions please email sales@wildcardtradingcards.com

Autograph Redemption Checklists

Valid for
Sam Hartman
J.J. McCarthy
Travis Bazzana
Nick Kurtz
Hagen Smith
Seaver King
Ethan Holliday
Konnor Griffin

Autograph Redemption Submissions

Click HERE to Submit
your Auto Redemption